Pitlochrie Easy Ice-cream

Welcome to Pitlochrie Cottages recipes. Here is our recipe for Pitlochrie Easy Ice-cream.

Pitlochrie Cottages recipes easy ice-cream

Paul Sephton absolutely loved his ice-cream and he has given this love to Joe. There is no popping out to the shops for us if we are craving something, so here is a quick and easy, no icicle recipe for Pitlochrie easy ice-cream. You can add whatever you like to flavour the ice-cream – nuts, caramel, fudge, berries and nougat.

  • 1 500 ml               long-life cream
  • 1 tin                       condensed milk
  • 1 tsp                      vanilla essence

It is very important that the long-life cream and condensed milk are chilled. We keep one of each in the fridge just in case we get the crave. Beat the cream to firm peak stage. The whisk must be making nice twirly’s in the thickened cream – I beat it until it almost looks like its on the verge of splitting. Stop the mixer and add the cold condensed milk and vanilla essence. Mix until stiff again and add the other yummies now if you want. Pour into a container and freeze.

I have been playing with this recipe for a while now and we think it beats Joe’s deluxe recipe. It is so easy to make and it never fails as long as you beat the mixture until it is stiff. To make a flavoured ice-cream, take a little of the long-life cream and heat it with coffee or chocolate cocoa powder. Once it has melted, put the mixture in the fridge so it is chilled like the rest of the cream. If you are adding syrup, honey, elder syrup, strawberries, fudge, you can do this when you are beating the cream.